Best Way To Determine Our Ring Size

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Notegolddiamond-The difficulty that usually occur in buying ring jewelry  is choosing the right size for our ring. Factors such as temperature (cold or hot weather), weight, diet, times, etc,  is likely to have an effect on people’s ring size. So, in order to save time and avoid annoyance, double check to make sure your ring size first. But What is the best way to determine our ring size ?

As long as your expected ring is round on the inside, the size is the internal diameter. But when it come into a wide or stick ring design, the inside diameter is not equal to the exact size of ring. So here the best way…

1> The best way to determine our ring size is by asking a friendly jeweler to measure our finger size, it just take a few steps to go to local friendly jewelers you could met and you will be confident about your ring size. They will measure your size by something similar with the width of your expected ring. It could be helpful if you go to them during different times of the day, as your fingers may swell throughout the day and change how your ring feels and fits.

2> If that way is not available or you are unwilling to do so, you can choose a cheap ring which have a width close to your expected ring. In this way, you are suggested to have a width measure of your choice formerly. Then, ship this cheap ring to the jewelry store or jeweler you want and ask for return it along with your order.

If you want to measure your size, it should be taken from the leading edge (A) (See picture below) which is equal to the internal diameter of the ring. If you use edge (B) as the size of the ring, your ring would be too small.

The ring needs a little grip to the finger to stop it sliding down, but the wider the ring is the greater the surface contact with the finger and it derive to feeling smaller.

Most ring design can not be re-sized smaller, but they can be made a quarter to a half size larger without compromising the quality or integrity of the ring, in case we feel that we need “extra room” next day.

Also consider about what temperature when any measuring was done, since almost every ring made from metals (gold, silver,etc), the temperature could make these metal expand or shrink, and it change the size of a ring.

3> But if you have restrains to do the two steps above, you can use the chart given below.

Diameter US/Canada British Japanese Swiss
(mm) Standard Irish Equivalent Equivalent
(inches) Australian
15.7 J 1/2 9
16.5 M 12 12.75
17.35 O 14 15.25
18.19 Q 16 17.75
18.89 18 6
19.84 T 1/2 20
20.68 V 1/2 23
21.49 Y 25 27.50
22.33 27

For complete conversion you can go to

How to choose the right ring ?

When we come to  choose the right ring,  we are suggested to do this way :

>Decide how you like to wear your ring, is it for daily use or for special events only ? 

>Decide what setting, types and design your ring would be, you can consider to read my article about  types of diamond ring setting. I hope you will get a bright idea after reading it. It is contain explanations about :

Solitaire Diamond Ring

Three Stone Diamonds Ring

Multiple Diamond Ring

>Don’t decide your ring size by the ring that you have wore it daily. As the time goes by, “the good feel” of the ring size that you wear now is already affected by temperature and humidity, your sweat and your diet, etc.


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