eBay Gold And Silver Prices

eBay Gold and Silver Prices
eBay Gold and Silver Prices
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Updated Reserve Asset Statistics Official Sector To Year End 2009

Updated Reserve Asset Statistics

Official Sector gold reserves to year end 2009

The latest updates to the Official Sector statistics provide a virtually complete full-year set of data for 2009. A review of this data reveals that 2009 was an interesting year in the official sector for a number of reasons, including the changing pattern of CBGA sales, China’s announcement of long-term purchases, and the commencement of the IMF’s sales programme. Continue reading

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An Ancient Gold Fashion From King Tutankhamen

The Egypt history is rich with  gold artifacts from their ancient kingdom, including the artifacts of King Tutankhamun. On every artifacts found, clearly shown that the ancient egypt peoples love gold ornaments and all form of jewelry. Their jewelry was designed  and crafted with great tough, and worn with a careful and loveful attention, all because they really appreciated their jewelry more than the ornaments to their beauty, but also the spirit of every their jewelry. For you that still unclear about King Tutankhamun, he was an Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty (ruled 1333 BC – 1324 BC in the conventional chronology), during the period of Egyptian history known as the New Kingdom. His name Tutankhamun means “Living Image of Amun” (www.crystalinks.com). Below I would share about his great artifacts which showed high fashion tastes of the king. Continue reading

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Gold As A Tool To Show Our Love To God

Posted by NGDlover

When I was writing this article, I m not in good feeling to talk about gold , since it price is dropping more and more. But I just want to show to all of you, that gold, beside its usability in economic matters, is a tool to show your love with your God.  Really…? 🙂

Take a look ! maybe you will have a new different point of view to your gold….I hope I could always update this article whenever I get a news about gold and god relationship in all manner. Your suggestions is needed and will be accepted by me with a friendly smile.

(Sorry for this article  is still under construction, but still worth to read this  beta articles, I hope I can update it as soon as possible…)

I use Wikipedia’s categories of religion.

For Christians here >>

For Moslems here >>

For Hindu here >>

For Buddhists here >>

For Shinto here…

For Sikh here >>

For Jewish here…


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Best Way To Determine Our Ring Size

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Notegolddiamond-The difficulty that usually occur in buying ring jewelry  is choosing the right size for our ring. Factors such as temperature (cold or hot weather), weight, diet, times, etc,  is likely to have an effect on people’s ring size. So, in order to save time and avoid annoyance, double check to make sure your ring size first. But What is the best way to determine our ring size ?

As long as your expected ring is round on the inside, the size is the internal diameter. But when it come into a wide or stick ring design, the inside diameter is not equal to the exact size of ring. So here the best way… Continue reading

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