Brief ‘How To Invest In Gold’

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Investment is the employment of fund on assets with the aim of earning income or capital appreciation. ( Arthur O’ Sullivan ,Economics: Principles in action, Pearson Prentice Hall). In my humble opinion, base on this term of investment, I think the list of “seven ways to invest in gold” by Forbes is have to become nine ways, with addition ‘Excellent Gold Jewelry’ and ‘Digging For Gold’.

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Back To Write Again

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Notegolddiamond – Back to write again ! Its a wonderful day to me to see all of you guys ! this April is an exhausting month to me and my family. Getting a new job followed by moving to a new apartment, also moving my children’s school, preparing a new ID to ward office, etc. Even more, a trouble with my laptop and my PC come up together with my beloved daughter’s influenza, its all has spent my time to write in this lovely blog ! thanks God everything is fine and ‘normal’ again right now, I hope I can update my blog frequently like before…..

Thanks to Google for my updated pagerank to 3, hope this influencing my articles in Google SERP archives

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