eBay Gold And Silver Prices

eBay Gold and Silver Prices
eBay Gold and Silver Prices
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Updated Reserve Asset Statistics Official Sector To Year End 2009

Updated Reserve Asset Statistics

Official Sector gold reserves to year end 2009

The latest updates to the Official Sector statistics provide a virtually complete full-year set of data for 2009. A review of this data reveals that 2009 was an interesting year in the official sector for a number of reasons, including the changing pattern of CBGA sales, China’s announcement of long-term purchases, and the commencement of the IMF’s sales programme. Continue reading

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Gold As A Tool To Show Our Love To God

Posted by NGDlover

When I was writing this article, I m not in good feeling to talk about gold , since it price is dropping more and more. But I just want to show to all of you, that gold, beside its usability in economic matters, is a tool to show your love with your God.  Really…? 🙂

Take a look ! maybe you will have a new different point of view to your gold….I hope I could always update this article whenever I get a news about gold and god relationship in all manner. Your suggestions is needed and will be accepted by me with a friendly smile.

(Sorry for this article  is still under construction, but still worth to read this  beta articles, I hope I can update it as soon as possible…)

I use Wikipedia’s categories of religion.

For Christians here >>

For Moslems here >>

For Hindu here >>

For Buddhists here >>

For Shinto here…

For Sikh here >>

For Jewish here…


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Gold Purchases by The People of Kazakhstan As Impact of Gold Regulation

Kazakhstan with its capital Astana, has a lot of oil and gold. This country is caught up in an oil-fueled public works construction boom in 2004 (according to the U.S. government’s Energy Information Agency, the country has proven oil reserves of between 9 billion and 17.6 billion barrels) and along with kyrgyzstan uzbekistan, and Rusia, as a former Uni Sovyet countries, this country also being  a gold producing country.

Right now, results of new regulation that let citizens of Kazakhstan to be able to buy gold from a wider variety of sources six month ago has occurs. Citizens can trade gold at market, and not only at national and commercial banks. The gold price is also not being set any longer.

According to caspionet.kz, there is a continuously buying transaction of gold from Kazakhstani people with volume reach 12 to 15 kilograms of physical gold on a monthly basis.

According to specialists’ projections, the consumption volume of this eternal metal will grow by 300 kilograms in the republic within the framework of the current legislation. The demand for metals on the whole is being formed in Kazakhstan. As the market’s demand for gold is satisfied, market participants will also offering clients to buy platinum, silver and palladium. Continue reading

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Buddhists And Gold


The famous Zen (about Zen here) temple Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) which is formally known as Rokuonji. The Golden Pavilion (Kinkaku) Temple (Ji), is laid on the grounds of the Rokuon-ji temple complex in Kyoto Japan. It is a three-story building with the top two stories of the pavilion are covered with pure gold leaf. It function is a Shariden (reliquary) which mean is a place where the bone of the Buddha externals was enshrined (Buddha’s Ashes). Continue reading

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Prediction of Gold Price for Year 2010

Notegolddiamond- Here the prediction of gold price for the year 2010 from 72 expert that consolidated by Mineweb and the prediction by LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). Why mineweb ? as they state at the article gold prediction here, the results of the 2009 Mineweb Gold Price prediction competition in which Mineweb readers have again done better overall than a panel of ‘experts’ although only marginally so. Here the list of
Prediction of gold price 2010

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The end of the gold love affair? Not for long

LONDON (Reuters) – Investors’ love affair with gold may appear to have cooled, but that would be a misleading conclusion to draw from the fall in physical holdings of the precious metal.Gold’s popularity will return because investors fear inflation and sovereign downgrades, even if the U.S. currency continues its ascent and makes the precious metal more expensive for holders of other currencies. Continue reading

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Prediksi Harga Emas Tahun 2010

Notegolddiamond – Artikel Terbaru mengenai harga emas Juni 2010 di sini http://notegolddiamond.blogspot.com/2010/06/euro-turun-harga-emas-naik-dollar-juga.html

Berikut ini prediksi Harga Emas 2010 Dunia dari para ahli yang di organisir Mineweb dan dari para ahli dari LMBA (London Bullion Market Association). Kenapa dari Mineweb ? karena seperti kata mereka sendiri di artikelnya, prediksi yang mereka (Mineweb) buat lebih mendekati kenyataan yang sebenarnya, meskipun perbedaannya tipis. Inilah prediksi tersebut :

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Why Warrants of Gold/Silver Companies Outperformed Gold/Silver So Dramatically in 2009

by Lorimer Wilson

We are in the eye of the storm and when the other side of the vortex engulfs us gold and silver will increase considerably, their associated stocks will go up substantially and their warrants, where available, will escalate dramatically. They did so in 2009 (see below) and will most likely do so again in 2010. Does your portfolio properly reflect the opportunities that will continue to present themselves in 2010 and beyond?

All you need do is:

1.) invest in the stocks of the companies that mine gold and silver and/or in the royalty companies that buy the gold and silver from mining companies at pre-determined fixed prices or, better yet, and wherever possible, Continue reading

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Russia transfers $1b worth gold to Central Bank

Associated Press ,  Moscow   |  Mon, 12/21/2009 10:25 PM  |  Business

Russia’s Finance Ministry has sold 30 metric tons of gold to the country’s Central Bank for US$1 billion, an official said Monday, saying the cash will be use to help ease the crisis in the country’s budget.

The cash slightly reduces Russia’s deficit – reportedly around 7.3 percent of gross domestic product this year. The Central Bank is the only government body mandated to engage in foreign commodity and currency trade.

The deal marks the first large sale of gold from Russian coffers since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Russia is weathering its worst financial crisis in a decade.

Russia’s finance minister said in October that Moscow was considering a gold sale on world markets to cash in on high prices as the government faces its first budget deficit in decade.

A Finance Ministry spokesman said the deal was struck last week. The spokesman, who declined to be identified because he was unauthorized to comment on the deal, would not say what the Central Bank planned to do with the gold, but Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin said in Octobe that Moscow was considering selling gold on world markets to cash in on high prices and further replenish the budget.

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