Market Value of The Non Diamond Gemstone

Theres a good article about “Understanding the liquidation market value of the non-diamond gemstones”  here, written by David Atlas, a president of D. Atlas & Co.,Inc., partner in Diamond & Gem Laboratories of America and consultant to Imagem, Inc. who also as Expert witness, consumer consultant, lecturer and appraiser.

The conclusion I get from this article is … Continue reading

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How Counterfeiter Make A US$ 100 Banknote

For you who still eager to know about how to make a counterfeit currency, this video would meet yours. This way of producing a counterfeit US$ 100 works as long as peoples don’t check their money once they receive it. This fake has made trough a high tech inkjet printer that can be easily found nowadays and the similar original notes. Eventhough a difference watermark and small mistakes on the print , make it easy to spot this fake notes.

Watch the video here >>

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Central Bank of Indonesia Would Implement Capital Control

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Notegolddiamond – A reputable Indonesian business tabloid -KONTAN online- issued a news about Indonesian Central Bank (BI) that who have been frustrated by the outflow and inflow of short term of foreign funds into Indonesia’s financial system, because these short-term funds movement frequently make the exchange rate  staggering. Today, BI is planning regulations or policies aimed at reducing this short time capital flow so that it make Rupiah stronger from the negative effects of short term foreign fund aka hot money, because the negative effects will be damped by the new policy. BI governor Nasution said, “We’ve discussed but not yet taken a decision (application) to do that,” he said after prayers in Friday at Masjid Baitul Ichsan Complex Bank Indonesia, Jakarta, Friday (11 / 6). Continue reading

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Being A Jewelry Appraiser By Using Jewelry Appraisal Software

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Notegolddiamond – hhmm, I never think about it before…but this software`s purpose is awesome. There is a website that avail a software about how to become a good jewelry appraisal. The GemGuide Appraisal Software (GAS) claimed that they are the fastest jewelry appraisal software available. It is designed for speed in the way all the modules work. For most appraisals you can simply make choices from drop down menus which avoids typing and increases speed and efficiency. OK,  lets take a look to their explanation from a newbie point of view.


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Penambangan Emas Rakyat Rawan Pencemaran Merkuri

Mendulang dan mencuci untuk mendapatkan emas butuh waktu yang cukup lama, disamping melelahkan dan butuh pengalaman/keahlian. Itulah sebabnya di daerah yang banyak terdapat penambangan emas rakyat, mereka memilih menggunakan air raksa atau merkuri (Hg). Meskipun harganya mahal (sekitar 300 ribu atau lebih per ons), tetapi mempercepat proses pencucian emas hingga sekitar satu jam saja. Inilah alasan kenapa di dareah di mana terdapat penambangan emas rakyat di  situlah juga menjadi sumber pencemaran merkuri. Continue reading

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