Equipment For Small Scale (Recreational) Gold Mining

As long as I know, the basic categories of equipment for recreational or small scale gold mining is :

* Gold Panning – Process to washing the dirt off the gold by using pan. How to panning gold here

* Sluice Boxes – Sluice boxes are a further improvement over gold panning. It is  simple and  and more better then simply panning. A sluice box channels water from a river or stream over gravel and allow a single miner to vastly increase his daily production compared to the amount of sand or gravel that a miner can wash with a pan. Further explanation here

* Gold Metal Detector –  Gold detectors increased the possibility of discovering gold deposits which were too low grade to have been recognized by  using only a gold pan or sluice box. These are not simply metal detectors because its purpose is detecting gold that are fine tuned to detect even small amounts of gold at much greater depths than a normal metal detector, and to rule out false hits from other sources.
There is also an underwater gold detector that make you confident to look for gold inside water

* Gold Dredges – allows the prospector to penetrate areas that were otherwise impossible to reach with heavier and more cumbersome equipment.


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