eBay Gold And Silver Prices

eBay Gold and Silver Prices
eBay Gold and Silver Prices
provided by Gold Price .org

Explanation of the column :

# Items: the total number of items of the specific type that were sold in the last day.

# Bids: the total number of bids on the items.

Total oz: the total number of ounces of all items of the specific type.

High: The highest silver or gold price paid for an item in the last day.

Low: The lowest silver or gold price paid for an item in the last day.

Prem %: The premium over spot gold price or spot silver price of the last Sold (High).

Chng %: The percent change of the current (High) and last (day before) (High).

The Gold and Silver prices are the COMEX spot gold price and silver prices at the time the eBay Gold Prices are published.

Review :

If you are familiar with buying gold and silver these days, you’ll know its pretty tuff. Coin stores run out very quickly. If you purchase from a mint there is a long  time to wait (up to 3 months at Northwest Territorial). The US mint has either stopped producing eagles or has cut production. The COMEX has more paper then gold, and doesn’t seem to be representing true demand. So here is the “eBay Precious Metals Exchange” (www.taoeconomics.com)

The purpose of eBay Gold Prices is to provide a true or real gold price indicator for physical gold bullion available for delivery today and to show the premium above the spot gold price for physical gold bullion. Gold coin prices are provided for the American Gold Eagle, Krugerrand, British Sovereign and Candian Gold Maple Leaf Coins based on sales data taken from the US eBay site.

Prices are published every other day around 2AM Pacific Standard Time (GMT -7).

ebay Gold Prices was formally known as the eBay Precious Metals Index.

A program was written to retrieve data from eBay for the categories shown in the eBay Gold Prices table. The program tries to filter out collectable, commemorative, and unique items. The data is manually inspected to further refine the items included in the eBay Gold Prices.


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