Type and Weight of World Gold Bar

Most gold bars are classified into two ‘types’, depending on their method of manufacture: cast and minted. Cast bars are those made by the pouring of molten gold into a mould of specified dimensions. Markings are then applied manually or by a press. Minted bars are made from gold blanks that have been stamped out to the required dimensions from a flat strip of gold. Markings are normally applied by minting presses (as in the case of gold coins).

Bar Weights

Gold bars can be denominated in different units of weight to accommodate the preferences of different geographical regions:

* Grammes – International
* Ounces – Mainly English-speaking countries: USA, UK and Australia
* Tolas – Mainly India, Pakistan, Middle East, Singapore
* Taels – Mainly Chinese-speaking countries: Hong Kong, Taiwan, China
* Bahts – Thailand
* Chi – Vietnam
* Dons – Korea

Gold Weight Conversion Table to Grammes, Troy and Ounces



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