What Gives A Diamond Colour

Whats gives a diamond color
Colors in diamond originate from lattice defects and impurities. (See wikipedia.org for further explanation about this). Only atoms of nitrogen, boron and hydrogen can be introduced into diamond.

Nitrogen is responsible for the yellow and brown in diamonds. Boron is responsible for the gray blue colors.

If an element interacts with carbon atoms during diamond creation, the diamond’s color can change. Radiation and pressure on a diamond’s structure will also impact its color as well. So, beside natural form of color, diamond has two additional sources of color : irradiation (usually by alpha particles), that causes the color in green diamonds; and physical deformation of the diamond crystal known as plastic deformation. Plastic deformation is the cause of color in some brown and perhaps pink and red diamonds.

In order of rarity, colorless diamond, by far the most common, is followed by yellow and brown, by far the most common colors, then by blue, green, black, translucent white, pink, violet, orange, purple, and the rarest, red.

The physical conditions necessary to color a diamond naturally occur very scarcely. For every natural color diamond, there are 10,000 colorless ones that have made the trip to the Earth’s surface.

What Variables Give Diamonds Their Color ?

The presence of nitrogen can impart yellow or orange shades to a diamond.
The presence of boron will impart a blue shade to a diamond ranging from deep blue to sky blue.
The presence of hydrogen produces unique violet hues.
Tremendous pressure exerted on a diamond deep in the earth can abnormally compress its structure, thus creating a red, pink, purple or brown stone. Evidence of graining, which scientists believe is attributed to tremendous pressures under the earth can be seen at 10x in many Argyle pink and congac diamonds.
Natural radiation impacting already formed diamonds over millions of years can give them a green hue.

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