Top 10 most Expensive Gemstones

A gemstone is a mineral in a natural crystalline form of a mineral. The rarity, the color, the size, the hardness, and the transparency of a gemstone depending entirely on its chemical components. Nature has offered us breathtaking gemstones which are desirable for their amazing beauty all over the world.

The rarity, durability and value of these gemstones make them a remarkable asset that can be enjoyed for generations. colored gems Gemstones don’t cease to amaze. Related to their beauty and rarity is also the wealth statement of the wearer. For thousands of years humans have been adorning themselves with gems and jewels to stand out and wow an audience.

Precious Gemstones vs. Semi Precious Gemstones

Precious gemstones are typically rarer, and therefore more expensive, than semi precious gemstones. Precious gemstones include diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Although pearls are technically not considered gemstones since they are formed organically, some consider them to be the equivalent of precious gems, especially when they are quality South Sea or Tahitian pearls.Sapphire ring

Semi Precious gemstones are comprised of the remainder of gems, including amethyst, citrine, garnet, topaz, morganite, peridot, opal, jade and coral. These are typically less expensive than precious stones because they are more readily available, although there are definitely exceptions to the rule. Rare versions of semi precious stones, such as Mandarin garnet or a fine specimen of Alexandrite, can cost just as much if not more than a precious stone. Much of a gemstone’s price depends on size and quality, as well as the distinction of precious versus semi-precious.

General Price Tiers of Gemstones

To give you a general idea of the heirarchy of gemstone pricing, we’ve broken the most common gemstones out into three tiers: Most Expensive, Mid-Range and Affordable:

Most Expensive Gemstones: Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby and Tanzanite

Mid-Range Gemstones: Aquamarine, Morganite, Peridot

Affordable Gemstones: Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, Topaz

Top Ten

Whether we are talking about necklaces, rings, pendants, or bracelets, the precious and rare gems – mounted on jewelry – have long since become one of the favored ways to express just how much wealth one has. Here are the ten rarest and most expensive, of course, gems on earth:

Jadeite – over USD $3 Million/Carat

Red Diamonds – about USD $2-2.5 Million/Carat

Serendibite – about USD $1.8-2 Million/Carat

Blue Garnet – about USD $1.5 Million/Carat

Painite – about USD $50-60,000/Carat

Grandidierite – about USD $50,000/ Carat

Musgravite – about USD $35,000/Carat

Red Beryl Emerald – about USD $10,000.00/Carat

Black Opal – about USD $2,355/Carat

Jeremejevite – about USD $2000/Carat

Source Idea :
Gemstone Collection from Apples of Gold

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