How to Build Quality Backlinks

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Backlink is outhere and we dont have total control on them. My experienced relate to backlink is not much as any SEO master have, but I’m eager to share, I hope you will find a piece of gold inside my article, or my articles…. The difficult side about backlink is base on the fact that we rely on others to build it, although this is partially true. You certainly can discuss about the detail like anchor text, and many aspects there that can be negotiated.

Getting Backlinks By Natural Way

Base on fact that if you have a good page, people will start to make a linkback to good pages you have, then the backlink become a part of  the page rank algorithm. Ideally, the more good pages you have, the more backlinks you will receive, but it is different in practise, and we cannot rely on this.

Steps to Build Excellence Backlinks

Even if you have lots of  backlinks that come  naturally, you still ought to consider additional quality backlinks wich come from  getting registered in forums, listed in directories and articles directories, and blogs.
You have to separate yourself from  inter-linking (linking from one site to another site, which is owned by the same owner or exists mainly for the purpose to be a link farm), linking to spam sites or sites that host any kind of illegal content, purchasing links in bulk, linking to link farms, etc since that ways will throw your site away from googles.
The first step is make a list from the good site that you can gather a quality backlinks. We can use backlink builder tool to simplify our steps. I found a free backlink tool here. Just give the keyword you own and this tools will give you a list of sites where  you can post your good articles, or a message, or even just a backlink to your site. You should generate your benefit from this list maximally.
The Backlink Builder tool provide the lists base on the simple fact that others  need content for their site. You provide good quality content and in return they give you a backlink for free, sometimes you even get bucks from this way, dont fool yourself with posting fake link or fake content soon or later it will become a boomerang for your site.

Subscribed in Directories

Directories list such as DMOZ or Yahoo is a crucial steps if you consider to be a serious in web – since this way will provide you a quality backlink for free, and you will easily noticed by search engines and visitors around the world. Although listing with  this way will make you waiting for months before you get listed, still you have to go on it.

Forums and Article Directories

Good and crowded forums will be indexed fastly by search engine. So, it is an important way to get quality backlinks with the anchor text you want. If the forum or blog is respectable, you will get a backlink from this. However, we rely on the administrator since they can edit our post, or even delete it. Sometimes administrators do not allow links in our posts, so just take a look of their Term of Referrence on it. Even the worst, if they consider your site or content is violate their rules, the owner of a forum or a blog would have banned search engines from indexing it, so the posting you have made will useless.
Other way to build backlin is submitting your articles to directories. It required an effort if compared with posting in forums. Forum postings could be  short sentence while submitting articles are longer and need careful thinking while writing it. So, just imagine the links you will get, so you can generate yourself to start writing.

Content Exchange

You can exchange your good content with another site to getting quality backlinks. For example, you can offer your RSS feeds for free, and when the other site publishes your content they get from your RSS, you will get a backlink to your site and some visitors on it. They will come to your site for further details headline you offered from RSS.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are the way to build backlink with an extra money you have to spend on it. If the money to spend on it doesn’t matter to you, you can do it and prepare for  the affiliate commission, which usually having range between 10 to 30 %.

News Announcements and Press Releases

Although this is such a hardly way to do, it will give you good result if you handle it properly. Search engine will provide you many sites that could publish your articles/content / news for free or for fees. A quality written press release to announce an event can bring you many, many visitors, also the backlink. The tricky part is you have to make your articles or news worthy.

Some Steps to Avoid

Be really really careful to such a llink exchange programs. The principle is simple – a link you put to a site by this way will bring them to  put their link to your site too. Important things to consider with link exchange programs is, First, consider about the ratio between outbound and inbound links. If you have more outbound links than inbound, you have to turn it upside down. Second, very very important to knowing whether your link exchange partners are link farms or not. Search engine will not like it and will bring your site to banned by them, so it is very risky.
Another way to avoid is linking to suspicious places. Ok, you can consider that you have no control over the bad sites linking to you, still this can be bad to your sites. Beware of getting lots of link for a short period, this will consider as spam by search engine. The good and safe way is build your backlink as natural as you can.

How to Avoid Bad Neighbors

The more inbound links, should be the better site you have. But on the contrary, if your inbound links are come from improper places – i.e. bad neighbors. Ii is not simpe  to comprehend – just similar to your real life, can you imagine what happen to you if you choose a bad guys that violate the law on your country ?
The search engine still not penalize you by this way, just might look unfair to you to be penalized for things that you have not done,  but linking to a site like this will bring bad reputation to your site. You can expect to be penalized too. But it is not regarded as a malpractice on your side because generally it is their Web master, not you, who has put all these links. So, you cannot harm by inbound links even it comes from the bad sites, unless you have a  considerable amount of outbound links to them.  You will be punished for this.

Why Do a Site Come Into a Bad Neighbor ?

Generally, a site get blacklisted because their effort to boost their ranking by using illegal techniques such as duplicate content, lack of original content, keyword stuffing, hidden text and links, deceptive titles, doorway pages, machine-generated pages, violate the copyright, etc. Also the meaningless link directories that conceive the impression that they are topically arranged. So, please double-check your inbound link.
The search engine and spyware tools is always seeking the black list site every minute, so this list will always changing all the time. But, the world is always fill with individuals who are eager to earn some bucks by doing spam, disseminating viruses, and even make a porn and performing fraudulent activities.
You can check them with typing  “”, where “” is the site you are want to check, then see what the search engine tell you about this site.  If the search engine come to you with no result, you can assume that this site is banned from this search engine  and you should immediately remove your links from them by barrier them.
There are tools that can help you in performing this task. One of them is  here, this tools reports links to and from suspicious sites, also sites that are missing in Google’s index. Source here

If you want to check your reciprocal link (link other sites to your site) you can found it here

Also there’s a cool link to check your outbound link here

Hey I found an interestingarticle about backlink too, check here

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    • sure it is, maybe your money can talk to them….

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  12. Thanks for your tips, but indexed by dmoz is very difficult.

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    sure it is, maybe your money can talk to them….

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